Wednesday 6th December 2017

The #149 Rule

What do you notice about the maths equations to your right?

Did you pick up on the fact that four sums were right….or that one was wrong? It’s too easy to catch people making mistakes!

Consider feedback in the workplace for the moment, how much of it is focused on negative critique? I am guessing quite a bit. Think about at home, how much time do you finding fault with your loved ones, compared to giving positive praise and encouragement? 

In a Gallup study, a vast majority (67%) of employees who strongly agree that their manager focuses on their strengths or positive characteristics are engaged, compared with just 31% of the employees who indicate strongly that their manager focuses on their weaknesses. There is an epidemic of what we call negative critique, at work and at home.

Catching people doing things right

The mere mention of the word feedback sends goose bumps down the back of our necks, or gives us a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach. For so long, feedback has been seen as the negative stuff, the stuff we don’t want to hear about, the stuff we avoid at all costs. Catching people doing things wrong, it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t increase accountability. It doesn’t strengthen your business. It doesn’t improve levels of customer satisfaction or sales or growth. It demonstrates contempt. It creates fear. It creates a culture of blame.

You’re Awesome 

Can you remember the last time someone told you how they appreciate something you do and what it means to them? It’s a lovely feeling. As human beings we are hard-wired to feel good when we make a positive difference to people around us. So when people tell us the difference we make, we love it.  And we tend to then do more of it as a result.