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our people work hard to craft the best service and sales training or management and leadership learning solutions to help you achieve brilliant results. we only recruit people who are creative, operationally savvy and technically excellent in the field of learning. we pride ourselves on being highly accountable and not afraid to have tough or challenging conversations to get you the results you need from your training investment. oh, and we’re not big on hierarchy, so you’ll find Sally, our MD somewhere between Adam and Yvette below. have a look at our profiles to see for yourself.

    Adam Archer

    Client Services Project Manager

    Heading up project implementation, Adam's cool-headed approach and analytic mind means he and his team absolutely has project mobilisation down to a fine art. Throw a last minute problem at him and he'll have it sorted in no time.

    Andrew Moorhouse

    Head of Insight

    Andy's creds are totally awesome, with a considerable catalogue of published work in the field of sales performance improvement. He brings his mighty intellect, aptitude for digesting and retelling research in an understandable way and uses this when creating learning programmes so that they are always cutting edge.

    Baden Frösén

    Principal Consultant

    Baden has a passion for building relationships with everyone, which makes him perfect in his role as Principal Consultant where a working partnership is absolutely at the core of how we operate. He's well travelled and loves a laugh so while he's making sure his projects are on track, he'll recount stories to keep his team entertained.

    Becky Whitbourn

    Client Services Co-ordinator

    Becky is one of the essential back room team who produce amazing client materials and arrange the logistics to make sure it's on site when and where it should be. With an extraordinary eye for detail, a massive amount of creativity, she maintains her air of being totally cool within a hive of activity and deploys her wicked sense of humour exactly when it's needed most.

    Ben Couzens

    Client Services Project Manager

    An expert in the use of planning tools, Ben works closely with the operational team to project manage client programmes from kick-off to conclusion. His role is central to ensuring clients get exactly what has been agreed and the right expert is matched to the right programme. His easy going approach belies the rigour he applies to ensuring client delivery is spot on!

    Carl Lovelock

    Principal Consultant

    Carl is a Principal Consultant who quickly builds rapport and has an instinctive ability to engage people, which works really well when he's leading client facing teams. He has an irrepressible commitment and passion for driving performance and works tirelessly to get outstanding results.

    Carla March

    Director of Executive Coaching

    Drawing on her vast experience as an executive coach in both the public and private sector, Carla perfectly understands each client's requirements and provide the right solution and coach to deliver brilliant 1:1 and team coaching experiences. Her natural ability and desire to help friends and colleagues through challenges means she's just person to figure out the perfect solution.

    Carol Martin

    Client Services Director

    Drawing on over 20 years experience in the Learning and Development arena, Carol holds strategic responsibility for programme delivery as a Client Services Director, working confidently accross all sectors and industries. Always people focused, she prides herself on ensuring that successful outcomes are delivered.

    Caroline Bird

    Head of Marketing

    Caroline has a passion for making things happen, and holds an impressive track record of success over nearly 30 years in brand marketing, account management and customer insight. Her infectious enthusiasm for "making it human" goes into everything she does, delivering marketing which captures Blue Sky's commitment for bahaviour driven programmes that truly deliver results.

    Cat Martin


    Cat works within the creative team and brings her eye for detail and enthusiasm when designing high-quality Blue Sky collateral.

    Cilla McKay

    Account Director

    Cilla is a strategist, using intuition and developed problem solving skills to craft bespoke solutions for her clients. A consumate leader, Cilla quickly gets to the nub of what's required, involves all the right people and oversees her accounts in true partnership style. As an Account Director, Cilla has ultimate responsibility for client accounts and the projects she leads.

    Claire Davies

    Events Manager

    There's no-one better to manage Blue Sky's events calender than Claire. Always ahead of the game, highly organised and adept at knowing what people need before they know it themselves, she makes sure we're event ready, whatever and wherever that might be. And when she's not doing that she also manages our end-to-end award process and writes up client case studies.

    Colin Stebbing

    Chief Operating Officer

    With a pragmatic hands-on approach Colin knows exactly how to translate his extensive knowledge and experience into practical 'real world' solutions. As Chief Operating Officer, he has strategic oversight over all operational projects calibrating quality and efficacy to ensure the best outcomes for clients.

    Daniel Light

    Principal Consultant

    As a Principal Consultant, Dan works client-side and leads learning and development delivery teams with humour and skill. He loves what he does, keeps things clear and simple, and gets a buzz out of working with clients to find the brilliant things people are doing and replicating them across the business.

    Deandra Murphy

    Principal Consultant

    Deandra is an experienced learning and development professional with a proven track record in psychology, sport and business. People focused and results driven, Deandra’s varied experience has allowed her to develop an in-depth understanding of performance at an individual, team and organisational level.

    George Berringon

    Business Development Manager

    As a Business Development Manager, George is a crucial part of the sales team, supporting Account Directors in key account management and developing good relationships with new contacts by helping keep them up to date with insight and new developments. George's calm and friendly nature makes working with him a breeze.

    Greg Fairburn


    With a background in technical drawing and an eye for the quirky, Greg combines structure and form with creative ideas to design original branded materials that land with impact.

    Guy Bloom

    Director of Leadership

    As Director of Leadership, Guy has an instrumental role in creating compelling and informed learning at senior levels to help people achieve strategic goals and operational objectives. That said, he has a profound belief that we are all leaders in our own lives and encourages everyone to make choices that help move us towards being the best we can be.

    Hannah Godfrey

    Client Support Manager

    Heading up a super-busy client services department, Hannah uses her amazing organisational skills to co-ordinate production of learning materials across multiple projects. Working really closely with the ops. team, she ensures materials look brilliant, are of the highest quality and are delivered exactly where they should be, when they need to be.

    Hilary Missen

    Head of Business Development

    As Head of Business Development, Hilary works closely with our account teams to develop and grow new business opportunities. Working across sectors and proposition from lead to proposal to pitch, every day is different and she loves creating client facing documents that shine.

    Isy Ward

    Account Director

    Isy's 'can do' attitude and fresh ideas means she throws herself 100% into everything she does. As an Account Director, she's absolutely focused on building success through strong client partnerships, she is passionate about customer first engagement, successfully leading programmes from start up to turnaound, leaving no stone unturned. And she does all of this on no coffee!

    Jennifer Neale

    Accounts Assistant

    Having been with Blue Sky since April 2010, Jen's knowledge of the business and clients makes her an invaluable asset. With a head for numbers and previous experience in the Client Services team, she assists the smooth running of the accounts function, and is currently working hard studying for her accounting qualification.

    Jenny Williams

    Principal Consultant

    Jenny has a general love and passion for developing people at all levels of organisations, with over 13 years experience in Learning and Development. As a Principal Design Consultant, Jenny brings her first-hand experience of delivering training to designing learning that is memorable, inspiring and fun, so clients get the most out of their people.

    Josie Ballard

    Business Development Manager

    Professional, results oriented and with an acute eye for detail, Josie works predominantly in telco's, retail and internal sales sectors developing client relationships through understanding their business issues and offering ways Blue Sky can support them through people development.

    Kevin Alboni

    Principal Consultant

    Kevin has been in the Learning and Development industry his whole career. While he was working in Telesales as an Account Director and Sales Manager, he found his passion for understanding business issues and helping to consult, design and deliver solutions. And as a Principal Consultant, that's exactly what he's doing at Blue Sky.

    Laura Crawford

    New Business Manager

    When it comes to managing large, complex projects Laura is an expert. She brings a keen understanding of operational logistics and new business development to lead on management of complex bids and offers to ensure our submissions are high quality, engaging and look amazing.

    Lee Jones

    Client Services Director

    Lee has a passion for learning, particularly in how people achieve amazing things when they're switched on and tuned in. He's applied this passion throughout his extensive career in Learning and Development, creating high performance in his own teams as well as within the organisation itself.

    Lewis Young


    Lewis is part of the creative team. He designs brand collateral for our bespoke client programmes and events

    Lindsay Terris

    Account Director

    Lindsay she has a unique ability to quickly build high-trust professional relationships. A great advocate, Lindsay is tenacious about creating learning solutions that deliver beyond expectation. With a background in coaching and performance management, as well as a wealth of operational experise, she's the perfect person to help our clients develop and get the most out of their people.

    Lotte Bennett

    Principal Consultant

    Having started her career as an actress, Lotte is confident and engaging when sharing her knowledge. She knows how to bring her enthusiasm and creativity to engage people and build strong relationships. These qualities make Lotte a versatile consultant who never struggles to connect with clients and deliver results.

    Martin Glen

    Principal Consultant

    There's a common thread in Martin's career - his passion for coaching and developing people to realise their strengths, building confident and engaging teams who deliver as one. He brings his enthusiasm, as well as a wealth of industry experience, to every programme he delivers, dedicated to delivering continuous improvement and cultural change for his clients.

    Michael Crook

    Client Services Project Manager

    Having joined the Blue Sky family as a Project Administrator in 2013, Mike is passionate about helping companies deliver continuous improvement and create cultural and behavioural change. Whether its 50 or 5000 employees, Mike is committed to helping create the perfect programme for each and every client.

    Millie Cain

    Client Support Co-ordinator

    Millie brings her creative flare and enthusiasm to everything she does as a Client Support Co-ordinator. Whether it's proofing and formating marerials, organising collateral or supporting the day-to-day running of the office, she always adds her Blue Sky magic to every project she works on.

    Miranda Cain

    Director of People and Resourcing

    When it comes to motivating people, there's no one better than Miranda. She's committed to making sure everything she does is as fair as possible, carefully balancing the needs of the business and individual human needs. No matter what it is, Miranda is always looking to encourage improvement and efficiencies with human beings in mind.

    Nicky Alger

    Head of Knowledge Management

    Coming from Capita People Development, Nicky joined the Blue Sky family as Head of Knowledge Management to help people transition and integrate from Capita to Blue Sky. Since joining the fold, Nicky has fully embraced the Blue Sky way of thinking, putting human behaviour at the heart of everything she does.

    Paul Spillane

    Principal Consultant

    Paul is passionate about customers and people. As a Prinicipal Consultant, his personable and collaborative approach creates engaging relationships at all levels. He firmly believes engagement, involvement and development of people is the key to creating a permission culture that allows them to make a difference and deliver great outcomes for customers.

    Rebecca Ulyatt

    Account Director

    Having started her career as a teacher, Rebecca is awesome at finding interesting and creative ways to share her knowledge and experience as an Account Director. She firmly believes that enabling people is the key to a successful strategy. A quick wit, wicked sense of humour and geniune empathy have enabled Rebecca to effectively bring together stakeholders from all levels across business to work toward an agreed vision.

    Reena Gopal

    Client Services Co-ordinator

    Having made the jump from Capita People Development to Blue Sky in 2015, Reena works with he Blue Sky Operations Team to help manage client relationships and administration, particularly in the public sector. She's passionate about providing clients with a collaborate and innovative experience.

    Rob Clarke

    Client Services Director

    A passionate coach and facilitator, Rob is highly experienced in coaching clients to fulfill their potential, particularly within the service delivery and sales effectiveness spaces. He has a proven track record of delivering engaging strategies for his clients that offer measurable benefits and ROI.

    Rubie Poonia-Dear

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Rubie is responsible for all digital activity at Blue Sky, from social media, interactive media & online campaigns to bespoke client apps & microsites. She brings her wealth of experience and passion for all things digital towards Blue Sky's unique and engaging digital presence.

    Rupert Leyland

    Account Director

    Rupert has spent the whole of his career in Learning and Development striving to help people discover their core strengths. As an Account Director, he is excellent at tuning into customers' needs, delivering frank messages with charm and working closely with clients to achieve trusting partnerships.

    Sally Earnshaw

    Managing Director

    As Managing Director of Blue Sky, Sally is in charge of growth, development and the future direction of the company. She lives and breathes the Blue Sky philosophy of making the world a little bit more human, making sure that any direction Blue Sky takes reflects and promotes this.

    Sean Spurgin

    Director of Learning Design

    With over 20 years experience in operational and sales management, Sean uses the invaluable knowledge he's gained when designing performance improvement solutions. No matter the company, industry or programme level, Sean is ready to create the perfect solution for each and every client.

    Steve Bent

    Client Services Director

    If you had to describe Steve in one word, it'd be "passionate". His love of people and endless energy and enthusiasm engages everyone he works with to drive positive outcomes. Not content with strategic leadership of stakeholder relationships and projects as a Client Services Director, he continues to stay connected with the front line of performance improvement to ensure success for his clients.

    Steve Shave

    Client Services Director

    Steve is passionate about people and their unlimited potential. His mission is to unlock this fantastic potential in everyone he works with and this ambition shines through in his role as Client Services Director. Steve is results driven, and firmly believes that results can be achieved through creating a positive and engaging environment; that even the smallest things can make a huge difference.

    Vicky Gerrish

    Principal Consultant

    Vicky brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Principal Consultant. Organised and very focused on delivering ROI, she is highly skilled at engaging, nurturing and encouraging the best out of people.

    Vincent Pokropek

    Principal Consultant

    As a lifelong student of psychology, Vincent is passionate about applying his knowledge to the Learning and Development space to help people indentify and unlock their full potential. His particular passion is in developing cutting edge leadership programmes that inspire genuine behavioural change and tangible performance improvement.

    Yvette Wise

    Sales Director

    Yvette is filled with curiosity and loves solving mysteries, she has well attuned interpersonal skills that have enabled her to partner with clients on award winning solutions that have driven outstanding ROI. As Sales Director, she supports the Account Director team by lending her expertise, insight, experience and brilliance to ensure great outcomes for their clients too.