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Women in Leadership

Dan Mason - Partnership Director


“Women who were leaders in 2017 were 22% more likely than male leaders, to be rated as ‘top performers’.” (Viser, 2017)

The end of the year. An opportunity to reflect on the various merits and perils of the last 365 days and put in place a series of tenets for the 12 months ahead with the intent of making them even more successful.

This year, I wanted to invest energy in the gender pay gap, our efforts thus far in tackling it and what could be done in the next 12 months to move that agenda forward. According to the ONS, progress in the UK is very slow – dropping by 0.6% in full-time employees since 2012. This result, over a backdrop of significant investment in women and strong campaigns within business and wider society to drive change, is troubling and needs reviewing.

When you dig into the stats, an interesting story comes to light…

In this E-book, Dan Mason explores what 2020 could mean for women in leadership: the year women storm the C-suite. Here’s what you can expect to get out of it:

The stereotypes are all empirical nonsense

  • Women are less effective negotiators. Nonsense… Jens Mazei and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of over 100 studies. They found some very small differences but in situations that would not occur in a business context
  • Women lack confidence. Again, nonsense. Kirsten Kling and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of over 200 studies and found very small differences in adolescence which had gone completely by 23 years old
  • Women are more risk averse. Again, nonsense. James Byrnes and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis which showed that the largest differences were in contexts that don’t apply to business
  • Women don’t put the hours in as they are more interested in family. This is as true of men as it is women. Nearly everyone in a Harvard Business School study placed a higher value on their family than work (Harvard Business Review, 2014)

We should not be focusing our efforts on training women to be more like men, we should be focusing on helping women build on their strengths.

I’ll say that again: Train women in great leadership, not male leadership.

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