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Coaching is a mindset, not in a meeting



“Studies show that the ROI in coaching is 7x the initial investment.”


Managers face a Tsunami of constant change, increasing demands from senior leaders and customers, increased team sizes and more complex problems to solve. Many managers feel they just don’t have time for coaching and developing their people. You can argue that that is kind of like not having time to take your car in for servicing and being surprised when it breaks down.

Coaching for many organisations has become about formal meetings, held once a month (if employees are lucky!). We believe coaching is a mindset and not a meeting. It is about having lots of different types of coaching conversations, in the moment.

In this E-book, we offer quick and simple coaching conversations that will inspire, engage and develop your people! Here’s what you can expect to get out of it:


Coaching is a mindset

  • How to coach in the moment and encourage the behaviours you want to see show up
  • Studies show that the ROI in coaching is 7x the initial investment, with more than 25% of coaching clients reporting an ROI of 10-49 times the cost


Don’t weigh the pig.

  • Avoid being transfixed by the number, or the KPIs. Focus on the input needed to improve performance and employee engagement
  • 147% higher earnings per share than the competition when companies increase their numbers of ‘talented’ managers


Grow your profits and improve service.

  • 3 top takeaways on how to boost the impact of your coaching
  • Today’s skills only have a life of 2 ½ to 5 years
  • How do up to date skills improve your performance and your profits? The answer: effective coaching

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