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Great Managers: The Secret Sauce

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The 4 horsemen of the customer service apocalypse

That’s just the idiotic kind of thing I knew you’d come out with.” With a sigh, Paul rolled his eyes and stared at his wife, disgusted at her lack of intellect. His wife looked away from her husband of five years, folded her arms and thought how furious she was at his behaviour, but she said nothing in response.

Lies damn lies & employee engagement scores

We recently came across a FTSE100 company that had an incredible 140% rate of attrition within one of its divisions. This wasn’t an offshore contact centre, but a £40,000-per-year UK-based role.

Murder on the bank floor

Thanks to a new wave of digital systems and tools, banks have been busy rationalising their workforce: streamlining workflow, automating the back office, replacing people with apps. And no wonder – with the latest cavalry charge of open regulation and digitisation thundering over us, many commentators are proclaiming that “banks must adopt or die”.

Throw away your call centre KPIs

At 10.30am on a Tuesday morning in June, three Blue Sky consultants played a video to a room full of executives and leaders from a FTSE100 company. The video contained strong views from front- line people in the business about the way the call centre operation was being aggressively managed on Average Handling Time (AHT).

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