Sales performance – the art of the sales conversation

Whether you work in sales, customer service or retail, customers expect to get ‘value’ from the time they invest in every customer conversation.

The job of sales people is to articulate the value they bring with fresh thinking and insight. Sometimes, providing this value might be as simple as providing clarity and make things easy. Top performers in any environment are problem finders, as well as problem solvers, they actually develop the customer’s thinking.


Value experience – Out with the old skills and approaches, in with the new

Best in class companies with true customer centricity strategies realise that spending the right amount of time on customer conversations, combined with the mindsets and skills, will result in value for both the customer and the business.

The hard truth at the heart of this issue is very simple. If you are not bringing value to a customer in every sales or service interaction, then quite frankly the customer will not be bringing value to your business.

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The four shifts in sales mindset

We believe there are four new mindsets for success in sales:


Yvette Wise

Sales Director

As Director of Sales, Yvette supports the Partnership Director team by lending her expertise, insight, experience and brilliance to ensure great outcomes for their clients too.

The Art of Sales Conversations


Human conversations are our business