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Why public sector leaders need social ROI

In the private sector, it’s a given that cultural transformation and change programmes must demonstrate a clear commercial business case. But what if there was a way to improve customer experience in the public sector too?

Enter social return on investment, or SROI. It’s an approach to measuring development that combines the rigour and ambition of the private sector with a moral, value-based core. And introducing it into our lexicon might just help start to spark the change so many people working in public sector OD, HR and L&D are crying out for. It might just help to improve customer service solutions.

Leaders in public service have a massive role to play in creating the kind of local communities we want to live in, and the people they serve must sit at the heart of the organisational culture they create. With SROI, leaders are empowered to tell a story that connects the developing behaviours and skills of everyone in their organisation to their bigger purpose.

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Cilla McKay

Account Director

As Account Director for the Public Sector at Blue Sky, Cilla has contributed to best practice thought-leadership in this space and has been instrumental in supporting her clients to deliver social and commercial ROI outcomes

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