Leadership development

Great leadership creates strategic advantage – and is a key differentiator in driving ultimate success

The long-term strength of a business is its capacity to nurture and develop its people faster than the change that is happening around them … but great leadership doesn’t just happen, it is a craft to be learned. The last decade has seen a shift towards the need for everyone to lead in their own context, which means that everyone is a leader “in” the business, supporting the leaders “of” the business.

With two decades of working with leadership teams, their experiences, our observations and the feedback of thousands of delegates, we know what good looks like.

Our award winning expertise is about changing what people are doing and how they do it.

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Guy Bloom

Director of Leadership

As Director of Leadership at Blue Sky, Guy is driven by the belief that leadership starts with the conscious choice to lead.

“In the three years that we’ve been judging the TJ leadership awards, we’ve studied 73 different leadership development programmes. In terms of great design, demonstrable results and innovation, none have come close
to this year’s winner, VINCI’s Empower programme.”Larry Reynolds and David Robertson – Judges, leadership category of the TJ Awards

Conscious Leadership

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