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If there is a single common theme in all our conversations with today’s leaders, it’s the quest for the holy grail of how to deliver a world class customer experience. Most leaders can describe a great experience when it has happened to them – but ask them if they’ve managed to create a business that delivers ‘great’ over and over again, well that’s a different story.

At Blue Sky, we’ve been working with best for service brands (as well as those trying to get there) for the last 20 years so we are very clear on where you need to focus to transform customer experience.


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Sally Earnshaw

Managing Director

As managing director of Blue Sky, Sally is in charge of the growth, development and future direction of Blue Sky. Since 1992, Sally has built, led and directed teams in customer service and sales, delivering outstanding results.

“If you get your environment right, the natural human reaction to those conditions will be trust and cooperation. If you get the environment wrong, the natural human reaction will be cynicism, paranoia, mistrust and self-interest.”Simon Sinek

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