what do we do?

we are experts in behaviour change to drive improved business outcomes.

the work that we do involves being at the cutting edge of what’s relevant for organisations in today’s climate and combining that with the latest developments in human psychology,  neuro and behavioural science.

behaviour is at the heart of everything we do.

at its simplest level, it is human behaviour that drives results and if you need to improve results, you need to change what people are doing.

so, when we get a client who wants a training outcome, our job is to understand what behaviour will drive the right result, understand the current behaviours and what is driving them and then create a training and learning programme that will shift the behaviour.


we work with you to understand how the three proven drivers of organisational behaviour impact on your business:
Sean Spurgin
Director of Learning Design

As director of learning design, Sean’s role is to ensure current thinking and research underpins every client solution and to ensure the team deliver exceptional and inspiring learning experiences that add measurable value to our clients.

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1. mindset & emotion 

We all have an internal set of values, beliefs and assumptions that directly influence how we think, feel and behave. Addressing these underlying drivers is essential in achieving a real and sustainable change.

2. management practices

The power of your cultural norms and management practices cannot be underestimated. People can’t change behaviour if the system won’t allow it, so we must understand and shift the context to accommodate and support the change.

3. capability

Bridging the gap from knowing to doing, we help your people to develop the skills and confidence to put their new behaviours into practice in the live environment.

we make learning stick

Embedded learning encompasses all we believe about delivering a training and learning intervention that lasts. It starts with people becoming aware of their current behaviours and impact progresses to an understanding that they have a choice to stick or change and culminates with their engagement in the most robust ways of learning that exist today.

Through embedded learning, people will create their own learning councils, teach and coach others, engage in intentional practice, get continuous feedback and consistently reassess their performance to keep improving.

here at Blue sky we specialise in 5 core propositions, and personalise everything to suit your industry and needs. discover more about what we do below