Wednesday 13th December 2017


You buy from people you like, who you think understand you and your needs. You feel confident in the service you receive if you’re communicated to in a style that you can relate to. You want to be led or managed by individuals who understand you. Some of us naturally prefer informal, chatty service whilst others would prefer it to be professional and to the point. Some of us want lots of details, whilst others like the big picture.

How, then, do you communicate effectively with those around you, when everyone is so different? To be successful, you need to be able to adapt your own behaviour and preferences so that you can take on board and ‘flex’ according to the ‘world’ of others, be it your family, friends, colleagues or customers. You need to learn how to communicate using a toolbox of styles that may suit the audience you are communicating with, but not necessarily you.

Which FLEX type do you think you fit into ?