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People are not great communicators by chance; it takes great skill, a level of presence and passion. Great communicators possess one thing above all else and that is a heightened sense of self-awareness. They understand how their behaviour (driven by their ATTUNE personality types) can negatively impact others and they do something about it.

At a time when huge numbers of customers will be touching your brand and in your stores, it is more important than ever not to alienate them with bad service or pushy sales techniques. So how can you influence that experience? The answer: by having the right conversations with your staff from the beginning.

It’s up to every one of us to realise that we have a choice about how we communicate and a choice to be flexible and adapt our style to meet the needs of others. It is also blindingly obvious that if you treat your staff well, they are are more likely to serve your customers well.

What is the ATTUNE behaviour and personality tool?

We believe (as many others do) that human behaviour can be categorised into different behavioural styles. We all have each of these behavioural types in us at all times – circumstances dictate which come to the fore, when and in what concentration. Based on an in-depth personality and behaviour test, everyone belongs to a different group (at varying degrees).

Understanding these personality types can unlock doors. It informs us on what their point of view might be, how to approach difficult conversations and how best to manage projects between and across different teams.

In our behavioural tool, ATTUNE, we categorise these personality styles into 4 groups :

  • Loyal Connector
  • Logical Analyser
  • Creative Enthusiast
  • Competitive Driver

What is a logical analyser?

They will know what they want and want to get there with as little distraction as possible. Often, they gravitate towards structure and discipline so you might see them in data controller or business analyst roles.

What is a loyal connector in the ATTUNE tool?

They will always ask what their colleagues, family and friends what they think before acting. The emphasis here is on people, so a caring and supportive environment where they feel mutual respect across the team is where they’ll feel most at home.

What is a competitive driver?

Competitive drivers are goal focused, they take charge, they’re action orientated, and they’re quick decision makers. By the time a consumer gets into a store in the next few days, it is highly likely they will have done their “logical analyser” bit and researched all the different prices and different attributes of a product online.

Who are the creative thinker types?

If they are in “creative enthusiast” mode, then heaven help them, because it probably means they won’t remember what they were after .. they’ll just buy whatever looks pretty.

Logical Analysers

These people are great organisers who seek structure and reason.

They make great data analysts but their drive to cross the ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s, can slow down a project.

Could you be a Logical Analyser?

Loyal Connectors

Loyal connectors are sympathetic, empathetic and are constantly thinking of other people.

They thrive in where there is a sense of shared values and respect; supporting others before looking after themselves.

Competitive Drivers

Competitive Drivers are confident and get the job done. They are great at anything that requires a rapid response. They like a degree of control an can often be the ones to take the lead on projects.

Can you recognise any in your business?

Creative Enthusiasts

The creatives are sociable, energetic and will look for the positives (their cup is half full)! You’ll find they’re open minded and superb at thinking outside of the box.

They love brainstorming, coming up with ideas and getting involved.

How can ATTUNE personality types help me understand my business?

The key here is communication.

Who wouldn’t want to buy from a company that totally understands me, gets what I’m like, communicates in a way that I find effective, and gives me the level of information that I actually need them to give me. Who wouldn’t buy? Let’s hope it’s not your customer.

How, then, do you communicate effectively with those around you: your colleagues, managers, employees and project managers? To be successful, you need to be able to adapt your own behaviour and preferences so that you can take on board, ‘attune’ and ‘flex’ according to the personality types of other people.

This means that your staff will need to know how to flex their own behavioural type to respond best to this overexposure to competitive drivers. How does a competitive driver want to be spoken to? And as a logical analyser, how do you approach that conversation?

ATTUNE tool will help you to:

  • Gain an understanding of self (your own ATTUNE preferences)
  • Identify preferences in others and appreciate those differences
  • Learn how to flex and attune your preferences to better communicate with others
  • Make the conscious choice to take action
  • Boost your workplace conversations and communication

When you achieve all of the above, you will be on the way to achieving high performance in your role and boost the conversations around you – whether you are in sales, service or management. Not only will you improve the relationships you have with your colleagues but you will get better results in your work and life in general.

Need your business to communicate better?

Get in touch to get the ATTUNE personality tool for your business and start those conversations today.

The ATTUNE Behavioural and Personality Test was previously known as FLEX Personality Tool.

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