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Telesales remain one of the most powerful ways a business has of delivering great customer service, sales and engagement. But in recent years call centres have been given a pretty bad rap.

Decades of outsourcing and outdated call centre training has left many telesales employees suffering from low engagement, high attrition and poor sales performance. From impossibly short call time targets to aggressive ‘sales as a service’ techniques, call centres are often the least human parts of an organisation.

But if you start transforming the way you see them, they’ll transform your results.
Focus on Value Experience (VX), not cost saving. Introduce a new kind of training, based on human motivations, biases and desires. Reintroduce flexibility, personality and creativity. Coach on the spot. Tell clear stories about the kind of success you want to see. Break down barriers and get your leadership team on the call centre floor.

Telesales with integrity. Talk to us for more.

Improved customer conversions for Sky

BSkyB opened their Ireland centre to service the growing Irish market and quickly realised they weren’t hitting target.

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