Thursday 21st December 2017

Living Brave

What does it mean to be Living Brave?

What are the component parts that make it real?

Guy Bloom is Director of Leadership at Blue Sky,  and his focus is on enabling leaders, teams and cultures to perform at their best in a way that adds value to people, profits and society.

Guy believes the world is in danger of losing its bravery as commercial, political and media agendas drive behaviours that harm people through a need to submit to the speed of change and ultimately this adds less value to the very structures that are driving the behaviour; believing, “it’s time for the individual as part of a collective to steer the ship, at the moment the ship is steering us and we are submissive to its wants and this is the wrong way around”.

He delivers award winning projects, on awarding their Best Leadership Programme, the UK’s most prestigious training awards stated, “we’ve studied 73 different leadership development programmes, over the years. In terms of great design, demonstrable results and innovation, none have come close to this year’s