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Increasing Value

Your landscape is evolving at great pace. Opportunities remain vast, business and consumer behaviours have changed and sales approaches now look completely different. The technical craft of sales in a service environment needs to respond and evolve to meet the demands of the new world.

Give your customers value

Today, whether they’re dealing with a sales, customer service or retail team, customers expect to get some value from every conversation. They can get information from a chatbot, or an opinion from social media. If they’re interacting with a human, they expect something more personal, more effortless, more… well, human.


Problem finders

The top sales performers in any business instinctively understand this. They make things easy. They’re problem finders, not just problem solvers. They actually develop the customer’s thinking, using real expertise and emotional intelligence to turn each sales opportunity into a full-blown service experience.

Unfortunately, they’re the outliers. Most sales performance training teaches people to hit targets by pushing whatever product they most need to shift, and to reduce costs by managing customer issues in the fastest possible way.

But what if your top performers’ instincts could be turned into a company-wide behaviour that shows up every day?

Value experience

Here at Blue Sky, we transform sales performance using Value Experience (VX). It’s based on the basic principle that if you’re not bringing value to your customers in every sales or service interaction, those customers will not be bringing value to your business. If you stop thinking about ‘cost centres’ and start focusing on ‘value centres’, you can flip the old pushy, untrustworthy, unwelcome sales approach on its head.

At which point, sales performance starts to soar.

Price driven markets

Direct Line became famous in the 1980’s for revolutionising insurance with their playful little red telephone adverts and the ‘call direct’ message. It was the start of an alternative way to purchase insurance; for the first time, consumers were given the power to deal direct and purchase a high quality product at a competitive price.


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