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Performance Coaching

Here’s a confession for you. At Blue Sky, we’re not big fans of coaching in the traditional sense.

We believe the world needs fewer scorers, processors, feedbackers, demanders, command and controllers and critiquers. What we do think it needs more of is experts – experts who can engage, motivate, energise, praise, thank, and generally turn the lowest performing team in a business into the highest performing team in a business. All of our coaching is performance coaching. For us, coaching is a way of encouraging, stimulating, invigorating, tickling, inspiring and otherwise nudging people to keep making it human every day, in small and concrete ways. It is this sort of coaching that turns the dial, that shifts the needle, and that delivers an ROI. It’s this stuff that helps creates a lasting culture where people want to show up, are happy, engaged, productive and effective.

So if you’d like to swap your agonising, negative, time-draining ‘big C’ coaching for a lean, agile, positive and practical breed of performance coaching, look no further.
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