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People Change

Is your organisation going through change?

Clients typically come to us because they’re facing one of three challenges (or a tricky cocktail).

We get it. We’ve lived it. And we’ve turned it around.

The world is changing.

You’re changing.

The goal has changed.

The world is changing.

Whatever your sector, it’s a safe bet that you’re facing some serious disruption right now. Perhaps a wave of agile new competitors is wreaking havoc on your tried-and-tested offerings. Perhaps shifts in industry technology, or regulations, or consumer behaviour are challenging old ways of working. Or perhaps developments from the wider world are making it hard to keep up – you’ve only just got signed off on your new app when the press starts enthusing about AI. These changes often result in organisation-wide entrenchment and fear. But if you understand how to crack the human code, they become opportunities to evolve.

You’re changing.

Your employee engagement scores reveal that, somewhere along the line, your people stopped caring, and you know you must take drastic action to get them fighting for you again. You’ve only just got your new sales strategy in place when the CEO announces a merger that throws everything up in the air. Your leadership team shifts some toxic habits – but in doing so, realise your attitude to your customers could do with a similar overhaul. These are all common reasons that clients reach out to us for help. They know that their organisation is going through a transition, and they’re determined to steer it in the right way.

The goal has changed.

Problems don’t always come from failure. Sometimes they come from unexpected success. When your business scales more rapidly than you could ever have hoped, that growth can uncover a whole host of decisions and opportunities you don’t feel equipped to face. To ensure future resilience and ongoing innovation, you know that you need to create the kind of climate that will allow your people to experiment, learn and support each other along the way. But that can feel incredibly hard when you’re fire-fighting day by day.

More competition in UK banking

With a clear vision for becoming the ‘local bank for Britain’, TSB wanted to create a customer service experience that was uniquely theirs and train in a set of customer service experiences and principles that would embody a distinctly TSB way of giving customer service and of dealing with customers.


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