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Managers are the beating heart of your culture

Introducing an award-winning approach to Management Development; training for businesses that delivers results. Our Management Courses can help you develop the critical behaviours that create a culture where people want to do their best work and deliver great customer experience.

Management is a tough gig

Organisations need to set people up for success. Our experience suggests many don’t.

Managers inspire people. People grow your business. Your culture can be your ultimate competitive advantage, and your managers are the custodians of this. Whether they already have experience or are stepping up into a leadership role for the first time, equipping your managers with the critical behaviours, that truly distinguish the exceptional from the average pay’s dividends.

We have cracked the management code

After conducting over 400 diagnostics in FTSE 250 companies we have identified the top performing management behaviours and leadership skills that create successful and thriving cultures. Having tested and re-tested these high performing behaviours in our award-winning programmes we are excited to share the insight.

9 Characteristics of a great manager

There are 9 critical characteristics that make a great manager. These characteristics make a profound difference to how people manage teams and use leadership skills. They are game-changers that make a difference to people at work, at home and to their personal well-being. Each characteristic is made up of a number of different modules which can be built into a customised or bite-size Management Development Course. Some of our modules include ‘New Manager Step up’, ‘Mindful Manager‘, ‘Create Psychological Safety’ and leadership ‘Role Modelling‘.

Our solutions are configured to transform the everyday for your managers, their teams, peers and colleagues.

Our two course types that can help:

90 minute Learning Bites

People and organisations are time-poor and don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning. Blue Sky recognise that fundamental ‘business truth’ and have created learning experiences that are designed to meet the requirement and time constraints of today’s workforce and are easy to deploy in your business.

We have distilled the best of our tried and tested learning content, proven to deliver significant people and business impact, into pragmatic 90-minute face to face workshops. Each session of the training course is full of powerful learning, steeped in behavioural science and psychology.

Our Learning Bites allows you to build a learning journey that is relevant to the needs of your managers. They will offer challenge, whilst developing the behaviours that deliver results.

Custom Management Development learning solutions 

We are specialists in creating bespoke, award winning, Management Development solutions that drive behavioural change, deliver results and an ROI.

Our creative design team can build a solution that is tailored to you and your context. Our unique program design approach, based upon our Embedded Learning Methodology™ and pragmatic, blended learning, helps organisations to inspire their managers to be experts in the skills and behaviours needed to create a highly engaged workforce and deliver great customer outcomes.


Browse the following characteristics and explore what modules are available:

Keep Evolving

No one ever reached the top of their game or potential by standing still.  Great managers take care of themselves, are open minded and recognise the need to stay at the top of their game.  They constantly look for ways to improve themselves and how they operate.

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Make Meaning

Throughout history, humans have used stories to make sense of the unknown, and to create meaning in their lives. Great managers replicate this within their teams, creating a clear sense of purpose and connection for everyone to understand and engage with.

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Champion Customers

As technology and lifestyles have evolved, so have customers’ expectations. Great managers keep up to date with the latest research and thinking around customer experience, ensuring that internal processes are aligned.

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Coach Others

We all learn at a different pace and we all need different things to help us grow.  Great managers support their people, in a personalised way, with a little nudge, a dash of feedback and some coaching, to encourage them to be the best they can be.

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Empower People

As human beings, permission and trust are things that we seek and they have a direct impact on our well-being, our performance, and engagement at work.  Great managers operate with integrity, set the boundaries, step back and support their people in their judgement and decision making.

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Build Resilience

The world we operate within is, demanding, fast-paced and constantly changing. Great managers respond well to high challenge situations and support their people’s ability to deal with the complex and to bounce back, rather than merely survive.

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Communicate Courageously

Not everything works out smoothly; there are times when certain conversations may not be easy to be had.  Great managers have conversations with the right intent and are able to discuss the uncomfortable truth and start moving forward.

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Deliver Results

The measure of most businesses is in the results that are achieved.  Great managers are focused, organised and structured in their style and approach; they mobilise and influence people across all level of an organisation, whilst being consistently reliable.

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Nurture Innovation

Ideas make the world go round and are generated by desire, intrigue and curiosity. Great managers role model and harness creativity, channelling it to motivate, inspire and engage their people and generate results.

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How we deliver Management Development:

We run expert-led, face-to-face customised workshops and 90 minute Learning Bite Modules. Distilled to focus your people on retaining the skills that matter and make behavioural change easier.

Pragmatic solutions that work:

All of our Management Development content has been tried and tested in successful, large business transformations, yielding the returns that demonstrate true impact. See the Case Studies.

How we can help:

Speak to us to find you perfect mix of modules and solutions. Fill in the contact form on the right or give us a call on 01483 739400 and we’ll discuss your management development and training needs.

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