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People Power Webinar with Engage Customer

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Join our MD Sally Earnshaw, in her webinar where she will be sharing her insights and stories around what drives exceptional customer service, gleaned from years of working with organisations leading the way (and those aspiring to get there).

What does a good customer experience look like? The consensus has changed a lot over the decades. What we do know is, in a time-poor, one-click, cross-channel world, ‘polite and professional’ is no longer good enough.

All we hear about today is getting technology to do the work – AI, Big Data, all of those brilliant things that in the future are going to help with channel shift and personalisation. But, we are always going to need people to deliver great customer service. In the new world, every customer touchpoint across whatever channel, is an opportunity to add value.

So, we need to be wary of leaving behind the people element. Best-in-class companies are those who recognise that spending time and effort on customer conversations, combined with the right mindset and skills, drives value.

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