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CX Exchange for BFSI 2019

The UK’s leading customer experience event for senior banking, financial services and insurance executives. We will be connecting the most senior executives within the BFSI industry, as well as the most recommended solution providers in the CX space.

The event is held at Hilton Syon Park on 26-27th February. Join us from 8am – 7pm for a roundtable sessions and 1:1 meeting.

Whether you’re struggling with NPS scores, looking to restructure your CX strategy, personalising and humanising your digital CX or in need of employee engagement initiatives, the Customer Experience Exchange BFSI brings you case studies on digital and culture transformation from the industry’s leaders.

We do people change. You do brilliant business.

Using our deep understanding of how people work, we help businesses to tell clear stories, make stronger connections and have braver conversations – leading to a range of exceptional outcomes

We work with organisations who are looking for Sales, Service, and Digital or Agile transformation to shift culture and build solutions based on experience, expertise, thought leadership, psychology and neuroscience. At the core of what we do is The Human Code: our unique blueprint for the fundamental human drivers and behaviours that determine how the internal climates of organisations operate. We then use this code to inform The Culture Code which draws on our three unique areas of expertise – Clarity, Climate and Conversation.


Who else will be there?

In a hyper-competitive and evolving market that is seeing disruptors launch at a speed quicker than traditional banks can change, the Exchange is the hub for traditional, challenger and disruptor banks across the UK to unite and gain a competitive edge together.

Network with 100+ senior leaders and executives from across different sectors.

Want to join in with this fantastic opportunity? Get in touch and let’s find a time to meet up across the two days.

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