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Putting the customer first

In a world where people can buy almost anything with one click, research almost anything with two, and broadcast their opinions about a brand within seconds, brilliant customer experience has never been more important. Yet so few are doing it well.

Willing to pay more for a better service

50% of our best-for-customer-service brands have remained the same for the last five years. Contact centres are costing £1.5billion in lost attrition. Blue Sky’s own research shows that only 21% of people describe their customer experience as excellent, while 78% would be willing to pay more for better customer service.

Why? Because most customer service training is stuck in the past.

Adapting team behaviour

In a lightning-fast digital economy, old ‘soft skills and hard targets’ simply won’t cut it. To improve NPS and CSAT scores, drive positive word of mouth and beat the competition, your teams must adapt their behaviours and mindsets to fit their increasingly empowered and impatient customers.

That’s where we come in.

Creating the right climate

From advocating to effortless language, flexing to paying it forward, Blue Sky has identified exactly what your people need to create a climate where great customer experience thrives. We’ve combined the latest research with decades of insight from working with world-class customer service organisations to develop a whole new science of customer experience.

It’s innovative. It’s human. And it works.

Enhancing the in-store customer experience

The focus of the Drive programme was on enhancing the in-store customer experience. Blue Sky was asked to deliver a 5% uplift in sales; we not only did this, but increased it to a 6% uplift. This result was achieved in a context of reduced footfall into stores, fierce competition and increased attrition.


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