Crack the Code : Upgrade your customer experience, one conversation at a time.

By Sally Earnshaw, Sean Spurgin & Steve Bent.

There’s an extraordinary technology just waiting to transform your customer service…and it’s 200,000 years old.
From the CEOs of blue chips to the founders of startups, everyone agrees: customer experience is where it’s at. We may be able to buy almost anything with one click and research almost anything with two, but human service is more valuable than ever.
So why are only a handful of businesses getting it right?
The tech behind the success of John Lewis, First Direct and Zappos isn’t a piece of HTML. It’s a human code, it’s called conversation, and it’s currently undergoing a revolution thanks to cutting-edge neuroscience research. But because it concerns people rather than apps, it’s being neglected by all but the super-smart few.
In this inspiring manual, Sally, Sean and Steve explain how to upgrade conversations across your organisation from the boardroom to the front line. From climate building to un-coaching, storytelling to leadership hacks, this book will help you swap outdated soft skills for science-backed behaviours – and reap real results.
This book isn’t just for people in call centres. Nor is it just for CEOs.
Whether you’re an L&D director, a HR professional, a team leader, a contact centre advisor, a back-office administrator, a field engineer, a web chat host, a case manager, a retail assistant or a delivery driver, this book is designed to help you smash your goals.
Whether you want to increase your customer experience scores, drive more sales, transform employee engagement, reduce attrition, or simply be less stressed, more productive and happier at work…
if you crack the conversation code, you’ll reap real, measurable results.
Every insight and exercise we present in the book has been tried, tested, tweaked and tried again by the team at Blue Sky, working alongside people from every area of customer experience, across all sorts of organisations and industries.
What one thing can you personally do on Monday morning to start the process of turning your company’s climate into one that truly puts people first?
That’s what you’ll find in this book.
A manual, not a manifesto.
The world may have gone gaga for Google, but human conversations remain your most valuable code.
Learn how to create the climate for customer experience to thrive every day, and you won’t just change how good you are at your job, how much you love your job, and how much money your organisation makes. You might just start to change your life.
Are you ready to start?
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