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Case Study: Wickes


Wickes is a £1.5bn home improvement business, operating in a unique sales space – technically retail, but with a strong merchant bias.

In 2015, they had a challenge around their induction and also sought to understand why some of their design consultants (DCs) in their kitchen and bathroom division were selling £200,000 and some £1million. With Blue Sky’s help, they identified an opportunity to close the gap on a potential £40million of business revenue.

Subsequently Blue Sky were engaged to design and deliver a new induction programme, closely followed by a leader-led pilot programme to understand the difference between the behaviour of its high and low performers and ultimately raise sales and service capability across the group.

The pilot engaged 63 DCs and 34 Store Managers in the London region, which had been their lowest performing area for 10 years. It kicked-o with senior stakeholders taking ownership and responsibility for setting the direction and tone of the programme.

The pilot successfully outperformed against target reducing employee attrition in the London region from 33% in 2015 to 8% for the first year and the new DCs are hitting target in half the time. Sales are also up 57% YOY.

Following the success of the induction training and pilot, Blue Sky’s involvement has been rolled-out across all 189 stores across the UK.

We identified the nine common traits that were consistently displayed across all top performers. These differences became known as the ‘silver bullets’. Blue Sky believed if the behaviours of the top performing £1million DCs were common and identifiable then these silver bullets could be recreated and encouraged throughout the wider salesforce. In 2014 Wickes had 7 £1million DCs; by January 2017 they had 34. Latest results are 71.

All these sales improvements have combined to create a massive £67 million uplift in turnover.

Here are some of the results :

  • £67m uplift in turnover
  • 5900% ROI annualised
  • Increase from 7 to 71 £1million DCs
  • Underperforming DCs have reduced from 98 to 24
  • Employee attrition has decreased from 33% to 8%
  • 2016 Autumn sales figures are up 57% YOY
  • Average order value is up £1070 YOY
  • £11.2m increase in sales for first 6 manager attended only training weeks YOY
  • Became Europe’s largest installation service – from 22,000 to 33,000 (2015 to17)
  • 44% improvement in stores where the manager received training, Action Learning Sets and coaching
  • 33% improvement in stores where the manager attended training and ALS only
  • 22% improvement in stores where the manager attended only training weeks YOY


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