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Case Study: Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Blue Sky were engaged by Virgin Media in early 2015 to provide a sales and service transformation programme for 5,000 of their onshore and off shore agents in Manilla and Bangalore. With an inconsistent approach to managing performance and a desire to grow the business, the leadership team had a number of objectives to deliver against; specifically they were looking to raise the value in every customer conversation through cross-selling, upselling and reducing downspins to improve their overall service experience. As a client, they had experienced lots of different learning programmes, so wanted an approach that was totally unique and offered fresh thinking - it needed to be full of energy, high impact, brilliantly engaging, fun and funky. We delivered largescale events for approximately 200 people at a time, starting with managers, using new engaging ideas, such as graffiti table cloths and giant mind maps, along with video content and questionnaires. In any service transformation programme we design, Blue Sky appreciate that the simplicity of the messaging is crucial, especially when you are working with large, diverse populations. The messages were clear and simple; be curious, notice more, be imaginative. These mindsets ran throughout the programme and its collateral was designed around them. A coaching blitz to embed the new skills is now in operation, supported by coaching cards designed by Blue Sky, to help embed the coaching techniques. The results show the programme has been a great success. Virgin Media have seen a continued reduction in downspin between May 2015 and January 2016. This was particularly pleasing in January, as it’s always a challenging month, due to price changes and seasonality. We have highlighted some of the other results here:-

  • 75% Increase in upsell
  • 40% Reduction in downgrades

“Blue Sky have been really flexible, supportive and gone above and beyond expectations to help us meet the demand of articulating the delivery schedule for our value programme”


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