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Case Study: Vinci


To capitalise on a contracting market coming out of recession, VINCI (UK) needed to address a culture of promoting based on technical competence alone, which had led to a short-term, task-focused leadership approach, where poor performance wasn’t managed, innovation overlooked and engagement low.

VINCI sensed the opportunity, doubled their training budget and brought in Blue Sky to help them develop their managers into leaders who would inspire and motivate, be more decisive, create a culture of ‘making things happen’ and put the business first, driving forward as a team.

Branded Empower, this award-winning solution was delivered across the UK over seven months. It took a blended approach, combining real-work projects, classroom learning, coaching and e-Learning, aligned to the wider HR strategy.

Three core objectives provided its backbone, which flexed across a broad mix of participant’s operating challenges:

  1. Understand what it means to be a leader at VINCI
  2. Develop the skills and knowledge to put behaviours into practice
  3. Understand how to support and challenge each other to drive business success

Through taking part, participants gained an ILM level five qualification in ‘Developing and Leading Teams to Achieve Organisational Goals’.

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