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Case Study: Direct Line Group

Direct Line Group

Direct Line became famous in the 1980’s for revolutionising insurance with their playful little red telephone adverts and the ‘call direct’ message. It was the start of an alternative way to purchase insurance; for the first time, consumers were given the power to deal direct and purchase a high quality product at a competitive price. The introduction of aggregators to the market in the millennium saw this buying power increase and create a very price driven market that lacked a sense of value for individual products or a personalised approach for customers.

Again Direct Line realised that, to differentiate themselves they would need wholesale change in the way they operated. Their mission was to disturb the market, not through price comparison, but through product innovation, value and customer experience. They needed a partner who knew how to engage, excite and transform their front-line, as well as altering their leadership team’s way of working.

Initial discussions between Blue Sky and Direct Line resulted in a strong sense of understanding, a great cultural fit and a common purpose.

Working initially in the sales and service areas to support the re-launch of the Direct Line Product, Blue Sky were able to build a sense of ease in the customers experience at the first point of contact with Direct Line that saw NPS increase from 49.76% to 63.2% and YOY sales increase by 18%.

Aims of the CONNECT programme:

  • To support the Motor and Home claims division to create ease for the customer at every point of contact:
  • Invest in people and their skills in order to create a high performance culture which would deliver an excellent customer experience by aligning process
  • The Senior Team were actively involved from the outset, building direction and compelling stories that would lead the change and role modelling the new way of working to build a common language around what great conversations looked like for DLG.
  • The design took a modular approach, so it could be tailored to each department. Each part of the programme included pre and post learning activities and leader led elements were completed in-between their events.
  • It was an ambitious plan; the leadership team were passionate that this cultural change had to touch every customer facing area of their business from contact centre to accident repair centres, offshore partners and suppliers.

Here are some of the results :

  • 180% trainers have been accredited with the ICS Training Mark
  • 16% Average uplift in performance
  • +13 Point customer focus YOY
  • +14 Point personal growth YOY
  • 180% Improvement in NPS



“I’m sat here with a smug grin, as this has turned out so much better than I ever could have expected! People’s morale is through the roof; they are delivering better service, which in turn gets better results and means a bonus for them. I don’t believe we could have made it to this point without Blue Sky!”


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