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Case Study: Barclays


When customers call Barclays suspecting fraudulent use or spot an unusual transaction on their card or bank account, they are often in a state of high anxiety and it is essential that advisors manage the call well and are able to:

  • Quickly take control of the call
  • Build confidence in the customer that they are ‘in safe hands’
  • Take accountability for resolving the situation with clear advice, guidance and support

Barclays decided to bring their offshore Call Centre back to the UK to handle these calls. The Centre employs around 200 people who are a mix of colleagues new to bank, as well as those who transferred into the department therefore a modular approach was needed to flex to where people were on their employee journey.

Barclays wanted an induction programme that was highly sophisticated, effective and customer-centric in design, a creative learning solution that made best use of existing content, combined with best practice customer service skills, delivered in a blended and pragmatic way. Critical to the success of the Induction, and in creating a service ethos, were Call Centre Leaders and the internal training teams. Technical systems were already built, so they wanted to shape the Induction programme around that framework, with internal technical design resource working in partnership, to support the output.

Blue Sky created a journey that was centred around the customer, rather than taking a ‘system’ approach, with the overall customer journey linked to Barclays customer values and service principles. The induction was created in an experiential way. Delegates learnt through games and gamification. We introduced a model office and e-learning modules, identified the ‘makers and breakers’ of the customer journey and produced Induction and on-boarding packs, which were sent out pre-joining. We also devised a fun digital treasure hunt when they arrived on day one to help to orientate themselves around the building.

When we started to connect the delegates with customers we introduced them to shoeboxes containing ‘time capsules’, bank statements, photographs and personal items of four different customer profiles. . This way the delegates could become aware of customers in a far more human way. When the fraud element and the system skills were eventually introduced, the advisors could relate to the customers as human beings, not simply read from a script. As a result of the training, the customer experience improved and the following results were achieved.

This is what the delegates said...

  • 100% Engagement with training
  • 100% Knowledge transfer
  • 100% Attended the training and recommend

This is what the customers said...

  • 98% Customer effort
  • 99% Customer empathy
  • 93% Customer NPS
  • 26% Customer Uplift

“I came in the room and immediately thought this is going to be different. The trainers really were living, and reminding us of the behaviours and values”

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