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Case Study: Anglian Water

Anglian Water

It’s been a challenging year for the water industry, with a shifting regulatory landscape and new Ofwat measures on the horizon.

Anglian Water, already a leader, knew they needed to work hard to maintain their top spot in the rankings. They set their sights high. They wanted to be recognised as a top UK service provider, providing their customers with the level of service expected of a top UK brand.

That journey started with their employees.

They knew it would require a transformation in people’s mindsets, as well as behaviour, and a shift in organisational focus. It would demand a commitment from everyone in the organisation to put the customer first, whatever their role.

With a substantial number, of their 2,500 people, with a task led mindset and having been with the company for many years, there were some long term behaviours that needed to change to achieve their goal.

Following a comprehensive diagnostic Blue Sky proposed a roll out plan that started with the Leaders and cascaded down throughout the business.

Our top three steps to embrace change:

Clarity – Craft the right story to create a clear, compelling sense of purpose for your organisation.

Climate – Connect people to create the climate where people change can thrive.

Conversation – Capture the behaviours that get results and spread them through great conversations.

We created an online portal, to embed the learning through video.


‘Best Customer Service event I’ve been to – and that includes a week at Harvard Business School focused on the subject some years ago! Well done’

Peter Simpson, CEO.


The business sees the benefits of the programme through: a reduction in complaints; a rise in first time resolutions; employee engagement sitting at an all time high and CSAT scores of over 80%.

Anglian Water rose from 10th in the SIM rankings, in 2016, to first in 2018 and maintain their number one position in 2019.

To top it all in 2019 Anglian Water were voted, by their employees, as no.1 Place to Work on Glassdoor!

Awards from this programme:

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