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Business Transformation

You can install all the new systems you like. Introduce a whole new strategy. Rip out your IT and start again. But if you don’t understand how to transform people, nothing will change.

The human touch

Blue Sky transformation projects take on many shapes and sizes in all kinds of sectors, but they have one common theme: we do the human bit. Whenever companies need to introduce new habits, tools and ideas, we’re the ones who make sure that the external transformation is getting firmly bedded into the wetware.

Approaching change

Grown-up humans hate change. We’re biologically resistant to altering the neural pathways and behavioural defaults we’ve so carefully laid down. But if we understand the way our own brains work, we can also hack them – ensuring that the new, better ways of working and thinking that come with organisational transformation chime with our own values and goals.

Growth mindset

When organisations change, they don’t just need to upgrade their people’s skills. They must help them to develop a growth mindset, ensuring they remain flexible, resilient, creative and collaborative as all the unexpected ups and downs of a large-scale transformation programme unfolds.

It’s transformation, powered by (not despite) people.

Building customer confidence

Barclays decided to bring their offshore Call Centre back to the UK to handle calls regarding fraud. The Centre employs around 200 people who are a mix of colleagues new to bank, as well as those who transferred into the department therefore a modular approach was needed to flex to where people were on their employee journey.


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