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Keeping your people afloat

Here is the first instalment of content from our Leading Through Crisis in a Human Way initiative, where first of all we’d like to focus on helping you help your customers, at a time of high anxiety. This post brings to life the mindset of Buoyancy. Buoyancy is a mindset that enables us to remain positive, motivated, and forward-focused in times of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Coronavirus: Top Tips for working from home

With Covid-19 a.k.a Coronavirus sweeping the world (and the news), businesses need to adapt their ways of working to ensure they are not reliant on the office. Read some top tips, here.

All change: new leadership and management skills for new challenges

‘Change’ is something to which we are becoming accustomed and while its pace is debatable, its existence is not. Change is having a particular impact on the way we do business, the way we run our organisations and, most importantly, the way we lead and manage people. What are the skills needed, therefore, to develop leadership and management to achieve high performance in such a changing environment?

National Complaints Awards 2020

When you look at the detailed results attached to this disappointing top line average, you will see that in every dimension of customer satisfaction, utilities score lower than the average for all UK sectors!

In a world where customers now have more choice this simply isn’t good enough and a step change is urgently needed. So, what are the traditional providers, disruptor suppliers, and alternative energy companies doing to put this right?

Why is customer complaint handling so important?

Despite significant investment from many organisations in digital and CX transformation, why do we see customers ‘experiencing a problem’ at its highest ever level?

There are four human behaviours that keep UKCSI top-50 organisations outperforming the competition when it comes to customer complaints…

Books that changed my life…

We love the change the lives of the people and clients we work with.

There are books and pieces of research that have helped shape who we are and what we do. Find out about the books that our team consider to be life changing…

Complaints are a gift to your business – use them wisely

Complaints are a gift that businesses should receive with a positive mindset. Clearly, any business wants to see a reduction in their complaint volumes – but the first step to achieving that long-term goal is to leverage the insight you get when customers do complain – and act accordingly.

People judge us by what we do, not what we say

We are what we do.

Digest that for a moment.

Whatever our intent, however we believe we present ourselves, people will judge us on our actions.

So, when leading a team, what you’re asking them to do should be backed up by the appropriate action yourself….

Why being proximate to your team is so important

Why is proximity so important? Proximity is all about being close to the customer and to your people – literally. If you spend a lot of time in the same places as your employees and customers, listening and talking to them, you won’t just know what the real issues are. You will know the best ways to fix them and spread the story that you’re committed to people above all else. Simply by being there.

Taking things back to the source

If you’re sharing a story about a colleague to a third party, does it align to what you’d say to their face? Imagine they are the fly on the wall in the room… If not, why not? Truly collaborate cultures encourage challenge and authentic dialogue. We can this ‘taking it back to the source’. Find out more, here.

Time for an upgrade – Human to Human conversations still matter

In today’s economic environment, most businesses understand that if they prioritise their people, then profit will come. The problem is, they don’t know how to put them first.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution. To create a climate that values people before everything else, leaders need to invest in better technology. It’s just not the technology that they think. Find out more…

The Four Horsemen of the Customer Service Apocalypse

John Gottman’s research – the Four Horsemen – outlines the behaviours he identified that signal the end to a relationship. Our insight into Customer Experience has revealed that the Horsemen exist in business too.

Simply fill in your details here and download our free article to find out more…

You cannot not communicate

It is an old Learning and Development cliché that 93% of communication is non-verbal. So how do you catch yourself from poor unintentional communication? It could be the difference in making or breaking the credibility of the story you are telling!

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Coronavirus Update

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