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The Speed of Trust

We use the word trust frequently, but it never loses its emotional punch. If someone says they don’t trust you, it hurts. Find out how your behaviour builds or erodes trust here…

Change the Stories, Change the Culture

Stories are our oldest technology. Since Homo Sapiens first sat around campfires eating roast mammoth, we’ve been using stories to share learning and create meaning for the world around us.

Stories help us feel a part of something larger than ourselves, give us a sense of purpose, and smuggle beliefs and information into our brains in an emotive and memorable way. In other words, they’re naturally viral.

Women in Leadership

The end of the year. An opportunity to reflect on the various merits and perils of the last 365 days and put in place a series of tenets for the 12 months ahead with the intent of making them even more successful.

According to the ONS, progress in the UK is very slow – dropping by 0.6% in full-time employees since 2012.

When you dig into the stats, an interesting story comes to light…

Detox Your Company Culture

Unfortunately, leaders and managers can be a major cause of stress in the workplace. Whether intentional or not, some behaviours and characteristics can contribute to a negative, toxic and hostile working environment.

Most jobs have some level of stress, even on good days. However, if going to work (or just the thought of it) makes you feel depressed, anxious or even physically ill, then there’s more to it than just general stress: these could be signs of a toxic work environment. What do you do to fix it?

9 Lessons that move the Dial on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

“There are more differences within groups than between them.”

The fact is that most employees (61%) report having to hide who they are to fit in at work and, while this is higher in marginalised groups, it is also very high in the majority (almost 50%) (Yoshino & Smith, 2013).

Dan Mason investigates.

Doing it the Amazon way: A Black Friday Customer Success Story?

In our experience, working with sales and customer service operations across industries, from utilities to banking to business services, there’s always something to learn from Amazon and their focus on the customer.

So, what makes Amazon such a valuable case study? Here are our key takeaways.

Coaching is a mindset, not in a meeting

Uncover your hidden talents and fill in the knowledge gaps you didn’t know you had. Have a look at your own coaching methods and our top takeaways.

Download Sean Spurgin and Steve Bent’s free Whitepaper today: Coaching is a Mindset, Not in a Meeting.

Brief Encounters Cards

What are they?

A set of question cards designed to create connections, spark conversations, ignite discussion, spread ideas and give new perspectives. There is one insightful question per card giving you the flexibility to use the cards in lots of creative ways.

There are 13 question cards in each of the following categories: Personal (Knowing Me), Leadership, Creating The Right Climate and VX™ Value Experience.

The Mental Health Elephant is Still in The Room!

Let’s be very clear: we ALL have mental health. We are human, we are thinking beings, so it is part of what makes us… well, human.

I was recently asked to be a judge at the UK Business Awards 2019 in the “Wellbeing at Work Award”. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. Here’s what I did with my story of stress, anxiety and that elephant in the room.

Build Resilience to cope with change: Develop ‘Bouncebackability’

None of us are under any illusions that the environment for business today isn’t fragile, complex, demanding and constantly changing.

The truth remains: building resilience is hard.   

So how can we develop ‘bouncebackability’ and stay motivated in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change?  

4 lessons for moving the Diversity & Inclusion Dial

Aside from social justice (which is extremely important), we all know the business case for diversity and inclusion.

That is not what this article is about. I want to focus on how you ensure your efforts yield this level of return. Great strides have been taken, but we will all agree, there is plenty more to do.  

Coach Me Cards

What are “Coach Me Cards”?

A set of cards designed to help you to master personal change. Whether you want to change your mindset, a behaviour, a habit or develop a skill, the ‘Coach Me’ cards will help you to challenge your thinking, gain new perspectives, overhaul unhelpful habits, beat your biases and break through assumed constraints.

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