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Do you know what trust looks like?

We use the word ‘trust’ all the time. If someone says they don’t trust you, it hurts. A lot. But what do we actually mean? And how do we make it better?

Confidence is made up of character (a person or organisation’s intent and integrity) and competence (their capability, skills and track record).

Have a go at the following exercise…

What’s your Text-to-Switch strategy?

Happy 50th Birthday, “World Telcom Day”!
Our world is constantly going through change. With Ofcom’s ‘Text-To-Switch’ reform being introduced from 1st July 2019, we are asking: What your Text-to-Switch strategy?

Creating Curiosity In Telecommunications

Find out how creating curiosity and great conversations in telecommunications can lead to success.

In telephony based interactions, first impressions are formed in the first 7 seconds of a call, so understanding the Magic Minute is essential.

Learning Agility

People have been trying to change forever.

They want to change because they want to be better, happier, richer, slimmer, kinder, faster, more successful, get promoted… we all have a list of things that, if given the Genie’s three wishes, we would change about ourselves.

20 toxic behaviours that are polluting your workplace right now

We take a look at 20 toxic behaviours that are polluting your workplace right now. To start fighting them, you need to expose them. How many do you recognise?

That’s where we come in; we’re here to help you recognise, cleanse and manage toxic behaviours around you.

What does great dialogue look like?

Great dialogue is the most powerful skill a leader can have. But is yours up to scratch?

How we use dialogue with people makes the difference between building good strong relationships built on trust and respect and not.

Get your business up to speed with our Evolved Dialogue Model.

Are you asking Genuine Questions?

Genuine questions come from curiosity and compassion – a desire for us to learn while temporarily suspending judgment rather than proving to others we are right, and they are wrong.

Are you asking for things in the right way?

The Employee Experience… You’ve Got it All Wrong!

Just You thought you had it nailed, your employee experience scores have plummeted!

Benefits are short-term perks thrown at employees all the time.

Culture, on the other hand, is the deep and often invisible set of beliefs, behaviours and stories within which employees operate.

Tune in with your people, before you turn on the PC

Research published for Harvard found that 80% of the variation in engagement is attributable to leadership.

As leaders, we know that engagement drives performance, it’s not the quality of our strategy that engages our people but the human touch.

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