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Tune in with your people, before you turn on the PC

Many reports find that leadership and management are the key drivers of engagement.

Research published for Harvard found that 80% of the variation in engagement is attributable to leadership, and Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe’s research reports that the attitudes and behaviours of senior managers were ‘formidable blocks’ to engagement.

As leaders, we know that engagement drives performance, but are we as aware that it’s our leadership behaviours that drive engagement? it’s not the quality of our strategy or our spreadsheets that engages our people, but the way in which we connect with them as human beings.

Here are some examples taken from our current portfolio with our clients of what leaders are doing to demonstrate the human face of their leadership:

    • Know the names of your team’s partners and children (and make sure they know yours).
      You’d be surprised by how many of us don’t know this about our fellow team members.


    • Share something of who you are with your people.
      We often ask our teams about their weekends but don’t reciprocate that same information.
      Sharing something about your own weekend or your own personal circumstances, for example, will build trust and deepen the relationship


    • Phone one of your team when there’s no ‘real’ reason to do so.
      So often we call to check on a deadline, or to relay some client information.
      This time just call to have a chat and see how they’re doing.
      Make your relationship with that person the real reason for the call.


    • Give people your undivided attention.
      How often are we in a meeting and checking texts when someone is speaking? Or glancing over someone’s shoulder as we’re talking at something else that’s going on in the office?
      We know how good it feels when we are truly listened to and we need to provide our own people with that same feeling.


Focus on the human aspects of your leadership and see what difference it makes to you and your people.

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