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trust is the backbone of customer experience

‘The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose’ – Yes, I did just open my latest blog with a Tupac quote. 

Whether or not Tupac came up with that quote I cannot be sure. At least it grabbed your attention, right?

Trust is built on consistency.

Tupac (or whoever originally quoted those words) makes a valid point – ‘years to earn and a matter of seconds to lose’.

Companies are now required to create a clear identity for their brand, to establish a deeper relationship with the customer. If the customer trusts a business, they will remain loyal. Experience tells me that loyalty results in repeat business and referral – and ultimately leads to success!

Websites such as TrustPilot are now being used by businesses to assess the reality of customer experience and help define strategies moving forward – a travel company I have recently worked with use it as their main customer metric.

This is exactly why every conversation which takes place is so important – if one negative review is seen it can turn a customer away for life, sometimes unjustly.

If I ever look to buy something online, I will always check the customer/user reviews.


As I trust the like-minded individuals, who will be purchasing similar items to myself and give an honest opinion. My view and experience may well be different, but in a conforming world, people like some reassurance that their experience is going to be a positive one.

I recently purchased a dinner jacket at short notice (how very suave) and went to the one shop that I knew would

  1. Have my size
  2. Providing an amazing customer service
  3. Have a delicatessen attached to a celebratory pie

I always pick this particular chain because I trust that all of the key points I mentioned above are included.

I know that for a cost-effective price I will get a good quality jacket with a smile from the assistant who will be very happy to help me with the sizing – it’s post-Christmas, and I am still yo-yoing  following dry January.

Trust is defined in many different ways.

Trust for me is the reassurance that I am going to have a positive experience and can rely on the other party to help provide that. I believe that to trust, you are required to be trustworthy to understand the fundamentals of a failed trust and the impact it can have.

Authenticity and transparency are vital metrics when developing a trust culture within your business, not just your personal life.

I trust in my colleagues because they hold strong values and I believe in their ability to do the job right; I trust in my friends because they are authentic and would help me at any given moment.

Engage with the view that you are going to have a good experience and trust will be built.

However, if you experience a poor interaction with a person or company, then you may not invest your time and effort in them again.

Trust can take years to earn, but maintaining it is worth its weight in gold.






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