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The Change Tamer

The context of leadership has changed.

You may not believe this statement – I certainly didn’t the first time I heard it. How can it have changed? The definition and role is still the same after all these years. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs holding the high-level vision of the pyramid and the budget. Directing smaller chunks of work to teams below who would be doing the building. Similar to now, right? Okay, so let me rephrase it. What people want, need and expect from a leader has changed.

  • Can’t argue with that!

In this 9 part series we are exploring the 9 behaviours leaders must role-model in the business to achieve the output of heightened commercial success.

Part 2 – Change Tamer

Leaders who create a constant change story are 3.8 times more likely to make change stick, according to McKinsey.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Some companies have a genuine belief that change is the only constant in their business – think Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. The leaders of these businesses know that to stay relevant to their customers and shareholders, they need to constantly adapt to their wants and needs. So, they have successfully created a culture that embraces change, empowers people to be bold and gives employees the freedom and flexibility to do what is right by their customer. They have enabled employees to become leaders of self through the vision and by cascading the changing story from the top down.

Ultimately everyone knows that change is good for their business.

Not every business embraces change so readily. I’m thinking about organisations such as Government departments, Financial Institutions, traditional businesses etc. They have been around for many years, have had a clear purpose and a steady customer base and need that has kept them relevant. And suddenly…


The digital age is upon us. These organisations are not set up for success in this era and were not expecting it. To compete in the current marketplace, they have had to revisit their customer ethos/brand – what they stand for and how they are set up to support that.

So how does being a Change Tamer and telling a change story successfully impact a business?

  • Transformation is 8 times more likely to succeed if there is open communication across the business (McKinsey)
  • 63% of employees believe that change fails within their organisation because their leaders don’t listen (CIPD)

Clearly, everyone wants to be able to successfully navigate change. People are overwhelmed by the speed of it. Understanding what you are trying to achieve and how to get there can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Change Tamers are able to engage, support and excite their teams – gaining buy-in to the vision and making employees feel safe that change is good for the customer.

Change Tamers are able to help their teams navigate their way around the business and articulate the story in a way that people believe.  They typically have higher staff engagement and retention levels, as well as better performance metrics.

At Blue Sky, we help leaders set the tone at the top. Our approach starts here because we truly believe that to embed and sustain change, people must experience visible and authentic change from their leaders.

We always start by working with your senior team, helping you define the compelling story at the heart of your vision, values and strategy. This is so people know what you’re working towards.

We then get people to challenge things within the business, so tough conversations happen right up front. This makes sure that if you’re going to do it, you are doing it right.

We believe in demonstrable change as a definable output – this means we ensure we have a license to operate, have contracted with learners, understood the reality and myths of the business and then deliver with our award-winning facilitators.

  • Cultural change is necessary to drive your strategic objectives. And it starts at the top.
  • Leadership is a conscious choice.
  • How do your people need you to show up today?


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