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Creating Curiosity In Telecommunications

You may agree with Blue Sky that what’s typically missing from most customer interactions in the UK is a real sense of curiosity: people who are genuinely interested in knowing more about their customer’s needs, expectations and wishes. But getting it right is like the holy grail.

How to be curious? 

There are certain foundations that need to be laid to earn the right.

The best for service companies we work with have a clear understanding about the importance of setting up a call for success. Advocating properly at the start of the conversation does three key things:

  • It gives customers a sense that you care
  • It tells them that they’re talking to someone who will take ownership for their call
  • It builds confidence that the person they are talking to will be accountable for delivering a successful resolution or recommendation.

Advocating well is the launchpad for a great conversation.

Research shows…

In telephony based interactions, first impressions are formed in the first 7 seconds of a call.

So, it’s really important to have a working understanding of the science around what we call the Magic Minute in order to then build on the remaining 53 seconds.

And you know what they say about first impressions?

So get this wrong, and it’s hard to recover. Get it right – through demonstrating the conversational skills needed at the start of a call quickly to lower tension and raise trust – and you’ve mastered the single most important element for taking the overall customer experience from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah!’.

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