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So hot right now: Top 10 Customer Experience Trends we’ve seen in 2019

After the UK Customer Experience Awards (CXA), I took some time to look at the 2019 trends. What’s hot in the Customer Experience Industry? What makes customers coming back for more?

Every year I am blown away by the calibre of the entries that I review. It’s always an honour to hear the stories of the incredible work that’s happening in the CX space and meet such, frankly, exceptional teams delivering outstanding customer experience.

Like Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week, it also means I’m in the front row to pick up the latest trends that are ‘so hot right now’.

Here’s the trends I saw emerge from this year’s UK CXA from the best-of-the-best and from the industry at large. Armed with these insights, you can quickly adapt your strategy, understand the latest thinking, and make impact in your business.

6 Hot Trends in Customer Experience – what I’m seeing in 2019:

  1. Rise in digital engagement, moving from human-only to hybrid.
  2. Cultural shift, not just agile methodologies but agile behaviours.
  3. Learning solutions with multiple ‘on demand’ touchpoints that massively incorporate social elements to drive collaboration across virtual teams.
  4. Use of varying technology, for example, AI in both learning solutions and service offerings.
  5. Recognition of increased pace and the challenges this brings to both customers and colleagues – this pace is only set to rise.
  6. Recognition of changing customer behaviours, with ethics surfacing as strong indicators of customer satisfaction.

With my Blue Sky hat on, I’m always on the lookout for signs of an exceptional customer-centric culture. Here are my top four ‘tick boxes’ that, to me, demonstrate truly award-winning CX.

What I’m looking for in the Customer Experience Awards: 4 signs of an award-winning customer-centric culture:

  1. Do you have truly innovative approaches to engaging with and on behalf of customer?
  2. Can you demonstrate a quantified shift in performance metrics, e.g. NPS, CES, C-SAT?
  3. Do you have clear cultural signatures that visibly demonstrate you are doing the right thing by your customers and colleagues?
  4. Do you have a holistic approach that takes into the account the guises of all customer types, e.g. colleagues are also customers of shared services?

Do you tick these boxes? Share your view of how cultural change achieved extraordinary CX for your company and it could be your team celebrating on the CXA stage next year!


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