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Remaining Curious about your conversations

When we need to have a difficult conversation with someone, or a conversation which could result in disagreement or conflict, its best to always remain ‘curious’.

Being curious is a state of mind and can be powerful tool to when remaining open to new information which can help you to judge a situation more accurately.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, (which you believe to be the truth), try remaining open to the fact that there could be other “truths”, possibilities and interpretations.


Being more curious can be hard, as a lot of the time we think we are right, and we love being right.


It takes courage to be curious.

It can involve holding up your beliefs and willingness to be proved wrong.

You might be saying, “This is what I have observed, this is the assumption I am making based on that, but am I willing to be wrong here?”


  • We make assumptions and inferences all the time. We need to function in this world
  • We are usually not aware when we are making assumptions
  • We create problems when we consider our assumptions/ inferences as truths and act on them as truth


3 Skills to Become More Curious:


Curiosity doesn’t always magically happen when it comes to your company conversations, it takes work.

Having a curious mindset can help us avoid taking a fixed position based on the views we have with the information received. People don’t tend to react well when we have fixed opinions on what they have done which we don’t like. Being more curious opens you to seeing a situation in a new light.

Sometimes, we make assumptions and judgements against people from what they have done and write the. or the whole relationship off.


  1. Become aware when you are making assumptions and inferences
  2. Learn to test out your assumptions without contributing to others becoming defensive
  3. Learn to make low-level inferences in real time


The Blue Sky culture code is all about improving your clarity, climate and specifically conversations. We can help uncover the secrets to success from right under your nose by teaching your team to be as curious about your conversations as we are.


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