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Change your domain: don’t throw money down the drain

I have just renewed my car insurance.

As I was doing so, I suddenly had a moment (or rather a recurring, relentless thought in my already frustrated head) of ‘why is this so expensive?’.

I have been a driver for 8 years with no claims (touch wood, fate tempted!) and had a grand idea that my insurance would be far less than the years prior.

Unfortunately, this just wasn’t the case!

I had been through all the price comparison sites to find a deal – some of the quotes were staggering – but in the end, my current insurer offered me the ‘best’ deal available.

I understand why car insurance can fluctuate from postcode to postcode – crime rates, living conditions and whether there is a high-end supermarket near your house can all contribute to the price structure.

One thing I never expected to have to consider was my Hotmail email domain.

Yes. You did read that correctly.

Apparently, alongside all the other algorithms which are taken into account,  when underwriters create your quote, the stats on which email addresses have the most incidents related to them are taken into account too.

A leading car insurer recently revealed this fact – with the Hotmail domain being ‘associated with more accidents’ ( I encourage you to go onto one of the many price comparison sites and try inputting identical quotes, but with different email addresses – you may be surprised at what you find! 

Why am I highlighting these facts today?

The 1st February is National Car Insurance Day – designed to make you double check your insurance and to make sure everything is hunky dory – so why don’t you try re-applying without your Hotmail account and see if you can save yourself some cash?

If you do so, don’t forget to wish the agent you speak to a Happy Car Insurance Day!

It is always good to have a human conversation – and being polite and engaging with the agent may just make their day.  


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