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Adapt your communication style

Are your people having problems with challenging customer conversations? Do they sound like this?:

  • “The customer was speaking so slowly!”
  • “I’m constantly getting interrupted by the customer – it’s infuriating!”


There is a proven skill to help with this: ADAPT YOUR STYLE. This skill is about adapting your communication to match that of the customer. Most of us find it difficult to stay present and adapt to a communication style that is completely different to our own but what conversation analysis has shown us, is that high performing people listen out for clues from others and flex their style to suit.


Here at Blue Sky, we have uncovered four behavioural styles that help people understand their own communication preference, as well as recognising the style of the people they’re speaking to. They are:

  • Competitive Drivers
  • Logical Analysers
  • Creative Enthusiasts
  • Loyal Connectors


By understanding your own preferences, as well as what other preferences look and sound like, we are better equipped to flex into more human conversations. Keep scrolling if you’d like to learn more about each of these preferences!






Understanding different behavioural preferences

People are not great communicators by chance; it takes great skill, a level of presence and a passion. Great communicators possess one thing above all else and that is a heightened sense of self-awareness. They understand how their behaviours (which are driven by their Attune preferences) can positively or negatively impact others and they do something about it. It’s up to us to realise that we have a choice about how we communicate and a choice to attune and adapt our style to meet the needs of others. Ultimately, Attune is about being you with more skill.

Competitive Drivers

Competitive Drivers are confident and get the job done. They know what they want and go after it, even when there is opposition. They take risks, make quick decisions and look for challenges. They thrive on solutions and results and are excellent at directing the actions of others to deliver against a goal. Competitive Drivers can be incredibly demanding, expecting a lot from themselves and those around them. They thrive when they work with people who share their desire to achieve and be successful. They are tough negotiators and are driven to get a good deal. Competitive Drivers find it particularly hard to understand others who are not quite so outspoken or clear in their direction.

Logical Analysers

Logical Analysers take time to do the job right. They are organised and focused. They will check and re-check information. They value factual, detailed approaches and are excellent at designing and following processes. They thrive in environments where systems and procedures are clearly defined and enjoy working with detail. Logical Analysers work well with limited direction from others and thrive when left to determine their own course of action. They are more inclined to make rational rather than emotional purchases and like to be given time to reflect on options before making a decision. Logical Analysers often enjoy being around people that are more open and explicit about their feelings but avoid overly emotional people and situations.

Loyal Connectors

Loyal Connectors are constantly thinking of other people. They look for ways to help others and never want to be a burden. They are friendly and loyal and respond well to being listened to. Loyal Connectors value relationships above everything else and enjoy working in environments where there is a sense of shared values and mutual respect. They are the most likely to make a purchasing decision based on relationship and emotional connection to the product or service. Loyal Connectors can often be attracted to strong, assertive people who give clear direction as they enjoy being part of the success and often lack a degree of assertiveness themselves, but do not respond well to people who lack empathy for others.

Creative Enthusiasts

Creative Enthusiasts are energetic, looking at the positives in a situation. They love brainstorming and getting involved in new things. They love informal big picture approaches, and like things to be fun and exciting. Creative Enthusiasts get excited by new possibilities and the potential in something and thrive on working in environments where there is a real sense of team spirit. They enjoy the company of others and can be persuasive in encouraging others to discover new horizons. They actively seek opportunities to be around people who share their energy and enthusiasm but can quickly become disengaged or lose concentration when involved in activities that they find less interesting. With planning and organisation not their most notable gift, Creative Enthusiasts can struggle with organisation.


Attune – The Blue Sky behavioural preference tool will help you to:

  • Gain an understanding of self (your own Attune preferences)
  • Identify preferences in others and appreciate their differences
  • Learn how to adapt your preferences to better communicate with others
  • Make the conscious choice to act

When you achieve all the above, you will be on the way to achieving high performance in your role – whether you are in sales, service or management. Not only will you improve the relationships you have with those around you, but you will get better results in your work and in life in general.


If you’d like to hear more about this topic, we’re hosting a webinar on Tuesday 14th April 14:30 GMT, where we’ll be sharing our insight on the mindset of Accountability, coupled with the skills of Adapt your Style and Confirm Next Steps – Click here to join.


We hope to see you there!

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