2018 Edleman Trust Barometer

The 2018 Trust Barometer is Edelman’s 18th annual trust and credibility survey, measuring trust across a number of institutions, sectors and geographies. The Trust Barometer surveys more than 33,000 respondents across 28 countries.

This year’s findings reveal a flat line in trust across the institutions of government, business, media and NGOs in the UK.

2018 key findings in the UK:

  • Trust in business fell to 43% this year
  • A 61% increase in trust in traditional media, the highest since 2012. Despite this, there are big structural issues for media in general, people are consuming less media and some are actively avoiding it altogether (19%).
  • Trust in government remains very low at 36% with the majority feeling their views are not represented in politics today
  • The bigger picture shows, Britain remains subdued with distrust continuing across the board and Britons are becoming more pessimistic about their economic outlook.
  • The biggest concerns for the future of Britain include ensuring the NHS is able to provide care for an ageing and growing population (79%) and the worry of rising political or religious extremism (72%).
  • There is little hope for the immediate future as only 20% feel their standard of living will improve in 2018 and 36% expect it to worsen.

However, an opportunity lies with business to fill the gap where others are falling short. Particularly if there is a focus on things such as executive pay and tax, and considering rising trust in CEOs.