Customer Service

The Art of Customer Experience

Customer experience is a key differentiator for many organisations and there’s some very specific things you need to do to help you bring your service signatures to life across every customer channel. Want to know more? Drop us an email on or call the team on 01483 739400

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The Art of Sales Conversations

Helping you build a salesforce who add value to customer buying decisions. Skills and approaches that are right for right now, impact commercial metrics and drive customer loyalty, it’s the perfect mix for creating a great sales experience and we’d love to have a conversation about your challenges. Drop us an email on or call the team on 01483 739400

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Wicked leadership Extraordinary as standard

If you’re looking to develop leaders to perform effectively in role, look no further. We customise learning so that it’s right for your context, helps leaders balance task with impact and behave courageously. Want to be a better leader? Drop us an email on or call the team on 01483 739400

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Executive Coaching

The Art of the Extraordinary

Incredibly impactful 1:1 support from specialist coaches to help your leaders and managers set the right tone, manage their personal presence and overcome specific challenges. This isn’t counselling, it supports you through the tough stuff so you perform better. If you’d like to learn more, drop us an email on or call the team on 01483 739400

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Public Sector

The Art of the Possible

Recognising the unique position of our colleagues in the public service sector, we offer people development that enables you to operate in a world where delivering great customer experience is king AND also demonstrates social return on investment. Want to know more? Drop us an email on or call the team on 01483 739400

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customer experience is all about delivering value

in our omni-channel, digital world we have access to what we want when we want it and as customers we expect to be served by one person, whatever our need.

what this means is that service is actually now a massive growth opportunity and our frontline people need to be set up to add value in every conversation. 

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leadership just got personal

…. it’s so much more than job title.

our behaviours impact way beyond the functionality of our role, in fact, the ripples go right down to the bottom line number. What that means for business, is that we need to get leadership right and it’s not about soft skills and fluff.

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it’s not magic, it’s method

good customer experience drives profit. Its not magic, its method.

happy customers make for rich stakeholders, even if most CEO’s are still far more likely to invest in technology than the intangible human stuff. So how do we nudge them onto the right track ? by showing them exactly how tangible people development can be.

want to know more ? Give us a call or read our book on the subject.

Done in by digital?

you’re not alone, a lot of people we talk to want to know how to create a really human (and consistent) customer experience across all their channels because the reality of how people want to get in touch has changed.

Does this resonate with you? 

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TSB have won awards by changing the face of UK banking

Read the fantastic success story of TSB that has transformed their service experience and won 5 awards doing so.  Read more >>


Complaint or spectacular recovery?

We all know that sometimes things go wrong and most of us would like the chance to make things right as well as keeping hold of our customers. So you won’t be surprised when we tell you that the top 50 organisations in the ICS rankings are differentiated by high performance in complaint handling.

This award winning programme for Barclays did just that.


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what do we do?

Case studies

Want learning with impact?

We can’t take the credit for all the hard work because it’s our amazing clients who do that and they deserve to have their results shouted out from the rooftops – take a look at some of their achievements.

We’ve got so many more stories to share, drop us an email on or call the team on 01483 739400

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Some of the clients we work with

Where we work

We love an award

We absolutely recognise that whilst we bring the expertise to creating learning that changes lives, its our clients who do all the hard work, so we’re always really delighted when we win awards with them because, frankly speaking, it’s a pretty big deal! Take a look at some of the shiny silverware here….

UK Financial Experience Award Winner 2016

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UK Customer Experience Award Winners 2016

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UK Customer Service Training Awards Winners

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Training Journal Silver Winners 2017

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Over the past 3 years we have conducted research and conversation analysis with over 9,000 customer service agents from more than 62 blue-chip organisations. The insight supports the evolution of our propositions so they are absolutely relevant to the changing landscape.


We go to events to meet new people, come and say hello!

  • TEDx Guildford
    TEDxGuildford “Be the best you can be”

    13th April 2017

    Sally Earnshaw & Guy Bloom will be speaking at TEDxGuildford.

    Sally will be speaking on High Performing Mindsets & Guy will be speaking on Being a Leader of Self ”


  • Business Training Services
    Live Q&A with Sally Earnshaw

    16th May 2017

    This is your opportunity to ask Sally a question live through our official Twitter channel @blueskyengage.

    Be sure to follow us alongside our 15.4k followers on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news info

  • The CIPD L&D Show

    10th & 11th May 2017

    The CIPD L&D show helps professionals drive growth through agile learning and is the place to find out about the latest developments and thinking in L&D.

    Blue Sky will be exhibiting on stand number 440 let us know if you are going and would like to have a chat over a coffee!


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