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We do people change
You do brilliant business

Using our deep understanding of how people work, we help businesses to tell clearer stories, make stronger connections and have braver conversations – leading to a range of exceptional outcomes.


Crafting the right story to create a clear and compelling sense of purpose for your organisation


Connecting your people in influential ways to build a climate where change can thrive


Capturing the positive deviant behaviours that raise your game and spreading them through conversation

The Blue Sky approach

The Blue Sky approach is focused on people, but based on science.

We combine the latest research in evolutionary psychology and behavioural science with three decades of experience of working with some of the world’s leading companies to understand what makes humans tick (and what keeps them stuck)

We then help our clients to achieve outstanding business outcomes – from improved sales and service, to better employee engagement, to large scale transformation projects.


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The Human Code

Our unique blueprint for the fundamental human drivers and behaviours that determine how the internal climates of organisations operate.

The Culture Code

Our end-to-end programme designed to achieve rapid and lasting change for businesses of all sizes, sectors and aims.

What we do

Our work is bespoke for every client. It often involves a mix of solutions that cut across departmental silos to deliver joined up results. These are some of the most common areas we cover:

People change

If the universe has taught business leaders one thing over the past few years, it’s this: change is the only constant we can rely on . And let’s be honest – that’s pretty damn scary.

Frankly it’s a given that you’re in the middle of some sort of change right now, we can help with the people change bit..

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Customer experience

So, what does a good customer experience look like? The consensus about what great service and sales looks like has changed a lot over the decades. What we do know is, in a super-fast, one-click, cross-channel world, ‘polite and professional’ is no longer good enough. To deliver better NPS, higher CSAT scores and higher wallet share, you need to understand and enable a whole new set of mindsets, skills and behaviours

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Sales performance

Whether you work in sales, customer service or retail, your time-poor, digitally-empowered customers expect to get value from every interaction. And so do you. But slick, coercive sales techniques no longer cut it. Nor do one-size-fits-all ‘programmes’. You need identify the specific positive deviant behaviours from your top sellers that are delivering better than average results, then cascade them through your organisation

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Over the past decade, the workforce has profoundly changed. We’re empowered, outspoken and independent. Disruption is everywhere, organisations are fighting over the best talent – and the talent is choosing to work for the ones that are creative, flexible, and aspirational. So how do you create a culture that results in lower attrition, higher ENPS and market-leading loyalty?

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Blue Sky transformation projects take on many shapes and sizes in all kinds of sectors, but they have one common theme: we do the human bit. Whenever companies need to introduce new habits, tools and ideas, we’re the ones who make sure that the external transformation is getting firmly bedded into the wetware.

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